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Fan Sets & Spares

FRP/Aluminum fans & their spares like hub cover, clamp, through bolts etc.

Statically balancing of fan assemblies (of all diameters).

High Efficiency Power Saving FRP Fan (of all sizes) and their spares.

Gear Reducer & Spares

All Gear Reducer intermals like Gear set, Fan Shaft, Bearing, Oil seal, ‘O’ ring, Shim Set, Ring Gear Hub, Water slinger etc.

Gear Match Sets

  • Helical Gear match set (of all ratio; in all series)
  • Spiral Bevel Gear match set (of all ratio; in all series)

Drive Shafts

Dynamically balanced drive shafts & its spares in HDG & SS 304 constraction.
Available in all series.

Flow Control Valves & TEE

TEE, Flow control valve & its spares, available in all sizes.

Fan Cylinders & Fan Guards

FRP Fan cylinder available in low ventury & high ventury, all sizes. Fan cylinder available in all sizes.


PVC & PP spray nozzles (all types).

V bar & Other accessories

PVC ‘V’ bar, Eliminattor, Spacer, Bench tie, tie clip, ‘D’ lock.

SS Wire Grids

SS 104 Wire fill support Grids, (More durable in comparison to FRP Grids; It can be re-used 3-4 times in subsequent repairing of your cooling tower).


Bolt, Nut, Washer, U bolts, Coach screw in HDGI & SS constraction.

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